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Our Success Model

We believe that the children in our homes should receive adequate time, attention and structure. We pair a high number of staff members with a low number of youth. Learn more about our model.

Our Lifestyle

Through a consistent family dynamic atmosphere, our children learn how to live in routine of school, homework and regular meals. Learn more about our lifestyle.

Our Homes

Each home focuses on a comfortable living environment that is customized per child or group of children to best meet their needs. Learn more about our homes.

Our Treatment Plans

We focus on the individual needs of each child through our treatment plans. Learn more about our treatment plans.

Welcome to BreakThrough, Inc.


We fulfill a tremendous human services need in Eastern Washington by providing family-style living for children ages 7-21 who have been referred by CPS, Social Worker, Families or through other state agencies. We operate group homes in Spokane,Washington and Tri-Cities, Washington. Our goal is to serve the client and families closest to their existing family structure. Learn more about us.